15 Top Games where you play GOD-List of god video games

You may be thinking that playing god is a power reserved only for the divine and almighty. Well guess what, you’re wrong! Many video games allow their players to experience this feeling of omnipotence through the medium. In these games, it’s up to you to create life in all its forms or destroy it altogether with just your fingers on a touchscreen or keyboard.

How will you play god?

Playing God might seem like something reserved for the divine and almighty but many video games give players the chance to experience this feeling of omnipresence through their bodies in some form or another.

Below down is a list of Top 15 Games where you play GOD

1. The Sims

Games where you play GOD

The Sims is a computer game which you can play on PC, Mac and console. The Sims is a simulation game where your goal is to manage the lives of your sims (virtual people) and their wants and needs in order to make them happy. This blog post will go over some tips for Games where you play GOD.

2.Black & White

Games where you play GOD

The Black & White game is a simple, yet challenging game that tests your ability to focus on what you are looking at. The goal of the game is to find the black circle among white circles in an array of circles.

It’s a two player game where the players take turns coloring in squares on a grid. The first player has black and white tokens, which are called “stones”. The second player governs the color of stones that can be played. At the start of each turn, both players have an equal number of these tokens- one on their side of the board, and one along its edge. Players take turns placing stones so as to create rows or columns with at least 3 spaces in them vertically or horizontally, then flipping over those stone(s) at the end of their turn so that they’re not visible from either opponent’s perspective until it’s their next turn to place more stones.


Games where you play GOD

Populous is a strategy game where you play as a god to create and destroy civilizations. In Populous, you create your own world by raising the ground and lowering the sea level in order to shape the land for your followers. You can also use natural disasters such as earthquakes or hurricanes to wipe out other tribes who oppose you. The goal of this game is either to be killed by another tribe or have all opposing tribes die from starvation.

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Games where you play GOD

“Utopia” was a word coined by Thomas More in his book of the same name. It means “no place”. In Greek, it literally translates to “no-place land.” The author used this term as a metaphor for a society with perfect government and social conditions. With the release of their newest game, Utopia Game, you can now experience your own simulation of what utopia would be like without having to travel into outer space! Play as one of seven tribes that each have different abilities and traits or create your own tribe from scratch. You must then nurture these people through adventures they will face throughout their lives until they reach old age.

5.Too Human

Games where you play GOD

Too Human is a third person action game developed by Silicon Knights and published by Microsoft Game Studios. The player controls the character Baldur, who has been stripped of his godhood and must clear his name by defeating Loki in order to get it back. Too Human is set in a Norse-themed world where humans are at war with machines called Einherjar. It was released on November 19th 2007 for Xbox 360, November 15th 2008 for Windows XP/Vista PC’s and July 8th 2009 for OS X 10.4+ computers under the title “too human”.

6.Master of Olympus: Zeus

Games where you play GOD

Master of Olympus: Zeus is a card game with simple mechanics and intuitive gameplay. It’s easy to learn and quick to play, perfect for gamers of all experience levels. In the game each player takes on the role as one of the gods from Greek mythology, such as Zeus or Ares, and competes against other players in order to be crowned Master of Olympus.
The goal of Master of Olympus: Zeus is to use your cards wisely by strategically attacking opponents’ cards while defending your own. The first player who has no cards left wins the game. Players can also win by capturing their opponent’s Titan card-if you manage to do that then you’ll have beaten even mighty Kronos himself!

7.PHYSARUM: Slime Mold Simulator

Games where you play GOD

The PHYSARUM: Slime Mold Simulator game was created by scientists at Stanford University to help people understand how this fascinating organism works.

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This game is a fun, educational simulation of slime mold growth in an environment with food sources and obstacles. The goal is to grow your slime mold into the largest biomass possible before it gets eaten by other organisms or runs out of nutrients. You can even create your own custom maps.

8.God of War

Games where you play GOD

God of War is an action-adventure video game developed by Sony Santa Monica and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It was released in 2018 on the Playstation 4, and it is the eighth installment in the God of War series. The game has received very positive reviews since its release, with critics praising its gameplay, graphics, high production values and emotional weight.

9.The Immortal Mayor

Games where you play GOD

The Immortal Mayor is a city-building strategy game that allows you to take on the role of mayor in charge of managing a bustling metropolis. You’ll have to keep your citizens happy, grow your economy, and deal with natural disasters if you want to succeed. In this article we will talk about what The Immortal Mayor is and how it plays.
The Immortal Mayor is an indie video game created by Puuba Ltd., which was funded through Kickstarter back in 2016. It has been available for purchase since January 31st 2019 on steam for $19.99 USD or £15.99 GBP depending on where you live. It’s available for PC, MacOSX and Linux operating systems.


Games where you play GOD

Darwinia is a computer game that was released in 2001. It is a strategy, world building and survival game set on the fictional island of Darwinia. The player takes control of an “evolutionary agent” tasked with helping shape the future of this digital world by guiding life forms to evolve into two new species for every ten generations.
Darwinia Gameplay: The player’s evolutionary agent starts out as one single celled organism at the bottom left side of the map which can then be used to eat other organisms or plants to gain mass until they are large enough to swim up through gaps in trees.

11. Hell Architect

Games where you play GOD

Hell Architect is a free-to-play browser game that challenges players to construct the perfect hell. The player will have to design and build a series of buildings, each with their own function. For example, one building might be the torture chamber, which would require an underground bunker for experimentation and a power station nearby to power it. Players will also need housing for both the tortured souls as well as those who manage them; this will require some form of food production such as farms or ranches nearby to feed them all. There’s also needs like entertainment venues (which can range from theaters to sport arenas) and prisons where tortured souls are sent after they’ve been punished enough by other means.

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12.The Forger

Games where you play GOD

The Forger is a game played by two or more people. One person, the forger, draws three cards and then attempts to get their teammates to guess which card they drew while giving no other hints. If successful in guessing, the forger passes the cards to that teammate who must draw one of them and then pass it on. The team with all six cards wins!
The Forger is a fun new social deduction game where you try to outsmart your opponents by drawing three cards from a shuffled deck and not revealing any information about what they are until someone guesses correctly.You can play this team-based game with 2-5 people aged 12+. It’s great for kids because it develops logic skills and teaches how to detect.


Games where you play GOD

Afterlife is a game that has been played for centuries. It was created in the 1800s and it’s still being played today. The game starts with two players, each receiving 13 cards which they shuffle to create their own deck. They then pick up one card at random from their deck and place it face down on the table. That player then flips over his or her facedown card, revealing one of five symbols: ♣ – diamond ♦ – heart ♥ – spade ♠ – club ↑ – king ↓- queen ←- jack →- joker) Players take turns drawing cards until they find an ace or are forced to draw a card from the bottom of their deck.

14.Project Martians

Games where you play GOD

Project Martians is an addictive and interactive game that will keep you on your toes as it challenges you to think fast. The goal of the game is to avoid obstacles by jumping, ducking, and gliding across various platforms without falling into the water or getting hit by a meteor. You can choose from three difficulties: easy, medium and hard. Easy mode does not have any meteors but has more gaps in between each platform; Medium mode has less gaps than easy but still has meteors; Hard mode includes both meteors and many more gaps in the platforms. Project Martians was developed by Adam Rosner for his Masters thesis at MIT Media Lab under Professor John Guttag’s supervision.

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15.Rhythm Hero

Games where you play GOD

Rhythm Hero is an interactive game that challenges players to tap, hold, and release their finger on the screen at specific points in time. The game incorporates elements of music theory into gameplay by requiring players to follow a beat pattern set by the song they are playing. There are four different difficulties that allow for more challenging play as well as two modes (challenge and practice) which offer various levels of difficulty depending on what you’re looking for.

I hope you liked our listings  about the Games where you play GOD!


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