What is Mortgage Insurance-When to Buy Mortgage Insurance and Why You Need It?

What is Mortgage Insurance?

Mortgage insurance is a type of financial protection for home buyers. It covers the borrower against loss in case of disaster such as death, disability or job loss. Mortgage insurance can be coupled with PMI (private mortgage insurance) to cover any shortfall up to 20% from a conventional loan and up to 80% on an FHA loan. The premium cost varies depending on the amount borrowed and other factors but it can range from $30-$200 per month for every $100,000 borrowed. With mortgage rates so low, many people wonder if they should turn down this kind of coverage considering that it adds another monthly expense onto their budget.

mortgage insurance

Here are three things you should know about mortgage insurance:

1) It protects homeowners from losses due to unforeseen circumstances like job loss and death.

2) Mortgage insurance does not cover full amount of home if borrower defaults on the loan.

3) Some lenders require borrowers who do not have 20% down payment to take out private mortgage insurance (PMI).

How long do you have to pay mortgage insurance?

The average amount of time required for this mortgage insurance policy coverage ranges from one year up through thirty years, depending on how much money you borrow and what type of property you purchase. In general, it is best not to assume that all mortgages will have the same requirement by the lender because there are many factors which affect these decisions.

Is mortgage insurance good or bad?

Mortgage insurance is a type of insurance that protects the lender in case you default on your loan. It doesn’t protect you, but it does provide peace of mind for lenders.
You may be wondering if mortgage insurance is good or bad. Well, it depends on who you ask and their situation. For example, if someone has a difficult time saving money because they have to pay for daycare or other expensive expenses every month then mortgage insurance might be helpful to them since they won’t be able to save up as much money. However, if someone can afford to save up 20% of the cost of their home then mortgage insurance will just end up costing them more money without providing any benefits at all.

How much is PMI a month?

PMI, or private mortgage insurance, is a monthly charge that some home buyers are required to pay in order to protect their lender from default. Lenders typically require PMI for people who put down less than 20% on their homes. The cost of PMI varies depending on the size of your down payment and the type of loan you have. Average rates for PMI can range anywhere from $50-$500 per month, but it’s common for them to be around $125-150 each month.

What happens when you pay off your PMI?

Most mortgage insurance policies require the borrower to keep paying premiums until the remaining amount of principal outstanding is at least 25 per cent lower than it would be if you could repay your loan over a full 30-year amortization period (sometimes referred to as “an 80% reduction in balance”). This is called being in “fully paid status.” Some lenders do not require you to maintain a 25 percent reduction, which might mean a smaller monthly payment.

Is mortgage PMI tax deductible?

Yes. Your monthly mortgage payment (principal and interest) is considered a normal cost of owning your home, just like property taxes or repairs. This means that it is deductible from income tax in the year you made the payment if you itemize deductions on Schedule A.


• Mortgage insurance can protect you in the event that your home equity or income is not enough to pay off your mortgage balance
• It provides a layer of protection if you’re unable to make payments on time due to unforeseen circumstances like disability, death, prolonged illness or involuntary unemployment
• A lender may require it for people with bad credit and those who borrow more than 80% of their home’s current value
• Mortgages require it for loans made over 80% of the property’s current value.

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